Sunday, April 3, 2011


...Purpose does not express itself in any one medium and neither can I...

Purpose is fluid, like water. It has no set shape yet it has the ability to alter the shape of anything it comes in contact with.

This blog will follow the example of will flow. It will adapt and/or change according to what is pressing or necessary for the moment. One day the focus may be music, film or both. Another day may focus on life itself. What is media, what is storytelling, what is a song without a life lived and someone capturing and/or documenting the experiences of that life.

THIS IS LEAP MEDIA WORKS, INC. ("Living Everyday According To Purpose")

LEAP Media Works, Inc. is a provider of original content for singers/songwriters, as well as screenwriters and television programming. We also help facilitate the production of viable adaptations of original work. See the LinkedIn gadget for more information. We are a new company with a great vision and we expect you to hold us accountable. We will commit to minimally one post per week as we are in the early stages of planning and development. Company website coming soon.

Ready, set...LEAP!

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